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Health & the Brain

TTI is currently working with local health care providers to integrate assessments and EEG brain scans to create better health outcomes for patients, particularly those facing weight issues. If you are a healthcare provider or patient interested in this project, email

TTI Performance Edge

Our Center for Applied Cognitive Research has created the TTI Performance Edge program with BrainMaster Technology, which empowers athletes to overcome their mental hurdles and maximize their play. TTI Performance Edge debuted at the 2013 Waste Management PGA Tour Phoenix Open.

Through the use of 40 years of performance assessments, and custom-designed surveys, coupled with EEG brain scans, TTI Performance Edge provides elite athletes with proof of the invisible obstacles that plague them—and their game. Once athletes understand the ways their brains have been stuck in destructive loops, they can overcome them. Using directed meditation and partnering with coaches and support staff, TTI Performance Edge empowers athletes to break free of the mental burdens of the past and reach a new level of personal achievement. To find out more click here. To schedule a session, call 800-869-6908.

Over the years, TTI has partnered with a host of Fortune 1000 companies to help them understand and address challenges. TTI is also fortunate to collaborate with prestigious learning institutions and private foundations on projects that run the gamut, from reducing dropout rates, to increasing classroom engagement, to developing future business leaders. TTI also applies its research on human behavior and communication to the most precious relationships in our lives, our family.

The KEEN Project

From 2010 to 2013, TTI partnered with The Kern Family Foundation’s KEEN Project to graduate more entrepreneurial-minded engineers. The Foundation created KEEN, or the Kern Entrepreneurship Education Network, in 2005 as a collegiate initiative to complement efforts at the K-12 level to increase the quantity and quality of U.S. engineering talent.

KEEN’s mission was to graduate engineers equipped with an action-oriented entrepreneurial mindset who would contribute to business success and transform the U.S. workforce. Engineering students from over 20 institutions participated in the study. Through this project, TTI and KEEN enabled students to discover their talents and see how they applied to the world of engineering. KEEN students learned to: 

  • Effectively collaborate in a team setting
  • Apply critical & creative thinking to ambiguous problems
  • Construct & effectively communicate a customer "appropriate value proposition” 
  • Persist through and learn from failure
  • Effectively manage projects through appropriate commercialization or final delivery process
  • Demonstrate voluntary social responsibility
  • Relate personal liberties and free enterprise to entrepreneurship

TTI Family First

Miscommunications happen in families all the time. Unaddressed, they can build up and slowly erode at the precious connections holding families together.

TTI Family First was created to address those miscommunications and empower families – both young adults and adults – to improve their understanding of one another’s communication styles, opening up lines of communication. 

TTI believes in the importance of the family. That’s why TTI Family First provides its Family Relationships report and debriefing process free to families, making this helpful resource available to all.

To take advantage, visit

The Bonn Center

In the winter of 2011, Bill Bonnstetter opened the doors to what he hoped would become an entrepreneurial incubator for those seeking a low-rent space and high-quality guidance to grow their fledgling start-ups and small businesses. Renters could apply for office space in what was TTI’s former headquarters, and could also receive business advice and support from Bonnstetter. Over a year later, the center is now bustling with almost a dozen small companies and entrepreneurs.

To learn more, visit

Communication & The Brain

TTI is currently seeking participants for its communication research. The research uses the EEG to study the brain activity as an individual’s behaviors, skills, attitudes and motivations are assessed. Professional people who are currently working or looking to redefine themselves in their professional careers would benefit from participating, as would corporate leaders or managers.

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