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Here Research is Innovation.

We at TTI are endlessly curious about the inner workings of individuals and organizations.

In addition to obvious applications in human resources departments, TTI’s thought leadership has been put to work in health care, education, manufacturing and more.

Utilizing an active, non-discriminatory database of millions of individuals TTI has collected over 28 years, the applications are truly endless and provide the basis for solutions for today’s business challenges.

Here are a few of TTI’s current research projects.


  • Data collected and analyzed by TTI, in partnership with the Kern Family Foundation and its Kern Entrepreneurship Education Network (KEEN), explores the similarities and differences between entrepreneurial-minded engineers and serial entrepreneurs. Recent research is proving the value of specific soft skill competencies in engineering school graduates; research has suggested these skills are not curriculum based. Bill Bonnstetter was nominated for a 2012 Edison Award for his work on this project for the invention and use of TTI Performance DNA, an assessment providing insights into the job-related dimensions of personal and professional competencies and skills.
  • Differences between serial entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial-minded individuals. Learn More.


  • TTI’s research and development team are working a series of experiments capturing brain maps. These maps illuminate the pathways of communication, inform their relationship with performance and offer a new approach to validating and improving TTI’s behavioral and motivational instruments.


  • How biases and mindsets influence decisions. Once revealed and understood, knowing one’s subconscious biases enable people to make better decisions


  • Data-driven analysis of dimensions of personality and soft-skills and how they apply to retention of inner-city high school students
  • Uniqueness of environmental studies students as compared to other students


  • Maximizing the selection process of students in medicals school programs to ensure retention
    Understanding brain patterns for optimal physical health and fitness

The Center for Applied Cognitive Research

TTI’s Applied Cognitive Research Lab is a fully-equipped research lab housed in TTI’s corporate headquarters. The lab contains the EEG machine, which measures the electrical impulses that make up all brain activity and skin conductivity monitoring for moisture changes. Studies are under the direction of Ron Bonnstetter, Ph.D., senior vice president of research and development with TTI and research assistant, Dustin Hebets.

Our patents prove our leadership in the assessment industry:

Employee Success Prediction System
Patent # 5,551,880
Filed: 1995 Est. 1996

Job Benchmarking
Patent # 7,184,969
Filed: 2000 Est. 2007

Internet Delivery
Service (IDS)®
Patent # 7,249,372
Filed: 2001 Est. 2007

VIDE Protocol
Patent Pending # 13/468,490
Filed: 2012