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At TTI’s Center for Applied Cognitive Research, we have a state-of-the-art research lab where volunteers participate in EEG brain scans and respond to stimuli created by the qualified, trained research assistants. Brain scan images provide real-time feedback, which is then analyzed and catalogued. Studies are under the direction of Ron Bonnstetter, Ph.D., senior vice president of research and development with TTI, and research assistant, Dustin Hebets.

How We Do Our Research

Our research takes place in a variety of ways, including:

  • Through statistically sound non-discriminatory data pool analysis of millions of individuals
  • In the field, with partners, who have access to a variety of populations such as students, teachers, administrators, athletes and professionals.
  • In the Applied Cognitive Research lab

Providing integral support of TTI’s research in the form of equipment and software is BrainMaster Technologies, Inc. Based on all the requests received from fellow researchers about our work, we have become distributors of BrainMaster EEG technology. Our goal in doing so is to enable other researchers to produce similar work and findings. For more information, for purchasing equipment, please call us.

Notes From the Lab

We're in the final stages of the Core Assessment development to be released in the coming year.

Reviewing total participant scores and EEG results for our original values study.

Reviewing new stimuli to be used in an updated written assessment for a new study coming out soon.

Processing new EEG results from one of our first studies on behaviors.

Working on a new EEG study related to wellness and mental focus.

Helping golfers improve their stroke with awareness. Read more..

Looking into what mental blocks hinder athletes.

Research Updates

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