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Launching a Dating Revolution

In 1996, eHarmony® approached TTI to develop an online assessment they wished to give away to interested users, as a part of their marketing strategy. The purpose of the survey was to assess the user and provide them with a precise description of their personality. The goal of this project was to reassure eHarmony® users that the site had a very good understanding of them and therefore would be able to successfully match them to a fellow relationship seeker. TTI stepped up and built a private label relationship report, which helped eHarmony® market its matching capability, indicating through TTI's report that eHarmony®’s users were accurately assessed and understood. eHarmony® has over 33 million users.

Accurately Measuring the Potential of the Person

“Up until this stage, profiling was limited to studying behaviors and personality. When Bill Bonnstetter arrived on the scene, he challenged this thinking and set about delving much deeper into the human condition.

My Dear FranchiseesBonnstetter became the first person to add attitudes to the profiling process ... In 1980, Bonnstetter took profiling to a totally new level of usefulness when he researched more fully the absolute need to add measures to the profiling process. . . . In the last 26 years Bonnstetter has written more than 15 computer software programs designed to tap into, understand and accurately measure the potential of individuals. He has developed processes which can measure a person’s natural skills, talents, attitudes, values and behaviors. This process is called the TriMetrix® system.”

— From My Dear Franchisees by Ann Andrews and Carl Davies

Saving Call Centers Millions

A group of customer call centers in the autumn of 2010 approached a TTI Success Insight distributor with a problem. With 140 employees at each
location, turnover was in the 80% to 120% range for customer service representatives. (Call centers nationwide run a 50% turnover rate.) Complaints from call center customers were through the roof and productivity was in the toilet. It was so bad a key criterion for hiring was if the person was likely Tti Call Centerto show up to work on time.

Jobs at the call centers paid about $12 per hour. The call center calculated their cost of turnover to replace a customer service representative at $17,000 each. With 140 reps at 80% annual turnover, they had an annual turnover cost of $1,904,000.

Using tools created and based on TTI’s intellectual property, the distributor assessed currently hiring practices and completely revamped the screening, interview and hiring process.

A year later the call center slashed its turnover rate in half, saving the company over a half million dollars a year. Costs associated with the new system were more than covered by turnover savings, producing a 940% return on investment.

Exceptional Research 

“[TTI] offers a behavioral assessment program that is second to none. The research and delivery system for his TriMetrix Talent Plus Report is Trimetrix Brandexceptional. Having used it hundreds of times, I have to say that the TriMetrix Report is the best behavior, motivation and internal/external balance system in the business.”

-- Wayne Kehl, Hub International

Identifying Transformative Leadership

"We are so grateful for all of the help TriMetrix DNA Position Analysis has provided us this spring at Teaching Trust. We are a young non-profit with the Teaching Trustexpress purpose of developing principals and teachers who can transform schools in order to eliminate the achievement gap and ensure all children have an extraordinary education. ...The results [of the Talent Report] were somewhat surprising. Although we guessed that many would have assessed differently from each other coming into the program, now they are, in every case, very aligned with the competencies and behaviors that we agree are critical for success as a principal. ...[In a few months] these surveys have provided an excellent way to gauge behavior changes and motivator comprehension that may have come about as a result of one or two years experience in the program." 
-- Rosemary Perlmeter, CEO, Co-founder Teaching Trust

Effective, Accurate Assessments

"Bill Bonnstetter is an very unique individual who was instrumental in developing TriMetrixHD and several other assessment tools for the business world through TTI. These tools have changed the culture of how we communicate and get results in organizations today. 

I personally benefited by using the tools and all my customers rave about their assessments' feedback. They marvel over the accuracy and ease of use. These assessment tools have really helped improve productivity and effectiveness of several Lean Six Sigma Blackbelts and also create new services and programs for my customers. ... Bill is always willing to extend a helping hand to his Value Added Associates (VAA) become successful. It is always a pleasure learning and working with Bill Bonnstetter." 

-- Rajesh Tedla, Business Transformation & Growth Curve Strategist & Management Consultant, New York City

Changing Communication

[Bonnstetter’s] development of the DISC profile has changed the culture of how we communicate and get results in organizations today. Clients rave over their DISC assessments. They marvel over the accuracy and easy to understand concepts of this marvelous tool. There are many imitators out there but few originators. [Bonnstetter] is an amazing presenter and has incredible knowledge.
-- John Condry, Cornerstones Management Institute

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