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Workplace Happiness Insights

As we all have experienced, it is common practice to have everyone in a newly formed group give a brief introduction of themselves. One introduction still sticks in my mind. “All you need to know about me is that my attitude and blood type are the same. B-Positive.” What a way to live each day - to be positive.

As some of you may know, this month's free public webinar is on Workplace Happiness. In response to a recent post, I recently received an email from a colleague asking if I had watched the Ted Talk by Shawn Achor, titled, The Happy Secret of Better Work.

If you can spare 12 minutes, I suggest you take a look at his message. If not, here are a couple of take-aways.

  • 90% of workplace happiness is related to internal factors, not external. 
  • 75% of success is predictable by measuring optimism, social support and your ability to view stress as a challenge and not a threat.
  • We think success will lead to happiness when in fact happiness leads to success
  • There are ways to train your brain to be positive. In just 2 minutes for 21 days you can rewire your brain.

If you want to learn more about these and many other factors impacting work place happiness, please click here to register for our October 25th webinar: 9 Scientifically Proven Ways to Increase Your Happiness at Work. 

By the way, my blood type and attitude are the same.


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