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Empowering Students to Make Education More Relevant

By Dr. Ron Bonnstetter

The dichotomy is astounding.

Today, we’re hearing countless stories about employers' growing frustration over recent graduates, who they claim aren't ready to enter the workplace due to their lack of inherent skills.84528327

Conversely, young adults have long been crying foul — myself included — about higher education focusing merely on subject-matter comprehension and not preparing them for the real world.

What will it take to make the learning process more personalized and better aligned with future career planning?

I'm Here to Fix You! The Three Levels of Help and Their Implications

By Dr. Ron Bonnstetter

There are three different levels of help we experience in our lives and in our jobs. 

If we think about it, help is a process of doing things: Doing It To Me

  • To people
  • For people
  • With people

These three different approaches toward assistance (mutual or otherwise) can be described best as the "evolution of help." I define it this way (evolution) because each level moves a person closer to preferred helpful interactions.

Curing Your Company's Revolving Door Syndrome

By Bill J. Bonnstetter

Riot Games, Inc. is offering up to $25,000 for employees to up and leave the company, no questions asked, during their first 60 days of employment if they are unhappy in their jobs.


The Santa Monica, Calif.-based videogame maker believes simply throwing money at the problem and shooing unhappy employees out the door will solve their talent apocalypse.

“Rather than allow mismatches to fester, we want to resolve them quickly,” Riot explained in their announcement. “This is good for the company, and good for the professional.”

Riot Games isn’t alone in this farcical proposal.

Does Your Life Begin After 5 p.m.?

By Dr. Ron Bonnstetter

154082018Let me tell you a story to set the stage. 

My wife and I recently bought a new car. The last thing we had to do that day was meet with the loan agent. 

As we walked together toward his office, I remember saying, "It must be very rewarding to help people all day get new cars." 

His response shocked me. Without a moment's hesitation, he said: "My life begins at 5 p.m."

Now, that was a conversation stopper.

Case Study: Girls Soccer and Your Business Have a lot in Common

Screen Shot 2014 04 28 At 9.52.53 AmBy Dr. Ron Bonnstetter, Ph.D.

• Do you know what each of your team member’s brings to your team?
• Do you know their primary & secondary behavior styles and what motivates them to do their job?
• Do you know what might be missing from your teams, or worse, who might be undermining your team’s efforts?
• And here is the biggie; do you know what team misfits may be doing to your bottom line?

Sometimes, the best way to see our own internal challenges is to read how others have dealt with similar situations.

Case in point: a recent case study appearing in Soccer Journal that details how one premier-level girls' soccer team utilized behavior assessments to overcome adversity in the early portion of their season.

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