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4 Steps to Eliminate Meeting Blues

Ronasleepclose CopyOde to a Staff Meeting

Talk Talk Talk
The more I listen the less I hear.
Talk Talk Talk
Comment here, comment there, but never going anywhere
Talk Talk Talk
No stated purpose, no stated goals, a meeting filled with holes
Talk Talk Talk
Animation, imitation, but seems to lack initiation
Talk Talk Talk
A journey without a goal. Hold each other’s hand and away we go!
Talk Talk Talk
I have had enough and must take my leave, before I speak and cause our leaders to be peeved.
And as I disappear from sight, all I hear is
Talk talk talk
Written by Ron Bonnstetter as a reflection on over 40 years of meetings.

This poem makes valid points about our experiences far too often in meetings. But there are things you can to do to eliminate or at least reduce many of these concerns.

Do You Have Skills To Be A Superior Performer?

By Bill J. Bonnstetter181437613

For years organizations have looked for the holy grail to identify high potentials and superior performers. In 2008, TTI studied two groups: superior performers in sales and superior performers in jobs other than sales.


Science over sense: Toilets flush in key of E flat

Toilet TuneAn interesting finding, but what problem does it solve?

Dr. Ron Bonnstetter

This may or may not be music to your ear. Your immediate reaction might be, “So what?” If so, you are on the right track.

In my previous life as an academician, far too often professors were not only satisfied with the result depicted in the title lead, but felt that their work was done once new facts were obtained. How sad. 

The world is full of data, but only when we frame that data and apply it to a solution can we justify our time and energy. Yep, cost benefit must be a factor.

If you can’t visualize your growth, you can’t obtain it!

Visualize CopyThis month we are discussing and thinking about how best to help businesses prepare for growth. 

To me, preparing businesses for growth always begins with preparing an individual's mind for growth. What is most of interest to me is learning and understanding more about how our brains deal with change and, more importantly, what is required to reach new heights of accomplishment -- in business and in life.

Certainly any business growth requires advance planning, including specific, measureable goals and step-by-step benchmarks. These steps should be a regular part of your new year planning.

If you don’t execute your resolutions, they die!

If you don’t execute your resolutions, they die!
Dr. Ron Bonnstetter

ExecutetowinWhy do we fail to stick with our well-intended new year resolutions? Would you like to make some real changes this year instead of giving up by February? Maybe it is time to reexamine the process that leads to success. Let’s examine the steps required for any successful personal or professional goal.

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