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Our research & assessments are making news.

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Innovation you can take to the bank.

Our research into human behavior is so pioneering it’s resulted in three patents. That’s innovation you can take to the bank.

We find things no one else is looking for.

Our extensive, data-driven research resulted in assessments analyzing 55 different dimensions of human behavior.

Research based solutions

Utilizing an active, non-discriminatory database of millions of individuals TTI has collected over 28 years, the applications are truly endless and provide the basis for solutions for today’s business challenges.

Word of mouth

Our intellectual property is at work in 90 countries and 40 languages, without any advertising.


For 30 years, our innovative research has provided thought leadership on all aspects of business. Our findings are data-driven and reliable and at work in the Fortune 500. When businesses need people – or answers – they come to us.

Latest Thinking

As Bill J. Bonnstetter writes in a new blog post on Harvard Business Review, entrepreneurs tend to be lacking several key skills. Knowing and understanding one's weaknesses can only add to one's strength. What might you be missing? Click here to find out.

Notes from the Lab

Why do you make the decisions you do? Do what you say and what you think truly match? Our most recent groundbreaking, patent-pending research exposes the hidden decision-maker, your brain. Read on to learn more of the discoveries coming out of the Center for Applied Cognitive Research.